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Early child education

Our Educational Program

Early Learning Focus: At Playbright, we prioritize early learning, valuing both the journey and destination. Confidence-building through safe learning environments is key to our holistic approach.

Dynamic Daily Engagement: Our daily routines blend structured and spontaneous activities, fostering a love for learning through play and exploration.

Child-Centric Curriculum: Playbright's curriculum is intricately connected to your child's daily life, with individual plans tailored to their unique curiosities and passions.

Learning Styles

National Quality Framework

Framework Integration: Playbright integrates the National Quality Framework, shaping lifelong skills through science, literacy, numeracy, play, and social activities.

Personalized Learning: Embracing dynamic learning, we encourage children to progress at their pace, achieving milestones in a supportive environment.

Holistic School Readiness: Our preschool program blends structured experiences and shared learning, preparing children for the next educational stage with motivation and engagement.

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What Education Experts Say

"Teach children what to think and you limit them to your ideas.Teach children how to think and their ideas are unlimited."

Sandra Parks

Educator and Author

Child Development

The Early Years of Life

The early years of life are vital for the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of a child. Our learning environments combine a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities nurturing growth and providing a solid foundation from which developmental skills are learnt.


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Children learn through sharing, taking turns and considering the needs and feelings of others, being inclusive and playing with everyone. Developing confidence about their own abilities, approaching new activities with positivity, and feeling secure. Social development includes:

  • enabling children to relate to others
  • learning responsibility
  • being aware of social values
  • having a sense of who they are


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Being supportive and responsive to children's needs builds trust allowing children to feel secure and confident. Listening to children's ideas and opinions, encouraging children to initiate activities, being flexible to accommodate children's needs provides an environment where Children will feel competent, respected, and motivated to learn. Emotional development includes:

  • learning how to express emotions and regulate their behaviour
  • understanding the difference between right and wrong
  • teaching children how to express and interpret emotions


Two children learning as they are playing

Children become confident learners when they achieve success. As we go through our daily lives, we gain knowledge, improve our ability to learn, use our memory as a guide, analyse our surroundings and develop problem-solving skills that make us more effective when facing difficult situations. Cognitive development includes:

  • processing information
  • understanding and developing decision making skills
  • being aware of the world around us


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Physical development is both Gross motor skills - the coordination and control of large muscles (walking, sitting and running) and fine motor skills - the coordination and control of small muscles (picking up crumbs and holding a pencil). Both are equally vital to a child's growth. Physical development includes:

  • mastering co-ordination
  • developing strength and flexibility
  • learning fine manipulative control
  • being aware of the world around us
  • control of small muscles

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Our educators genuinely care for your child. Ensuring your child's happiness and safety is their priority and they really make Playbright a home away from home. We have extremely low staff turnover with most of our educators working at Playbright for over 10 years, they honestly love their job.

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