At Playbright Rosebery our menu is changed regularly to provide a varied diet.  Each daily menu includes breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch and a late afternoon snack. The meals are balanced and are as delicious as they are nutritious. Foods that vary in colour, texture and flavour are more appetising to children. This is a great time for young children to try new things and experience new tastes and textures.

The food we provide is prepared by chefs specially trained in child nutrition, ensuring meals are well balanced with all the essential vitamins and nutrients children need for an active, fun-filled day. Fresh foods are used in preference to processed foods and the meals are low in sugars, salt and preservatives.

If your child has specific food requirements due to an allergy, food intolerance or cultural background, our chef is able to cater for these needs. Please speak to the centre manager or room leader for advice and assistance.

Due to the fact that allergies are prevalent in children under the age of 5 years Playbright Rosebery is an allergy aware centre and food containing nuts is not permitted.

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Click on the menu to enlarge