Good nutrition is essential for young children.  At Playbright Rosebery we have a strong commitment to the wellbeing of children and promote healthy nutrition choices. 

Learning healthy eating habits at a young age will go a long way in protecting children from childhood health problems, ensuring they grow into strong, fit young adults.

While healthy eating is encouraged at Playbright Rosebery we know that for some children, developing healthy eating habits can take time. Our meal times are treated as social occasions that support positive attitudes to the enjoyment of food. We create a relaxed eating environment where children can develop a healthy eating habit at their own pace.

We understand that mealtimes can be messy and that it takes time for young children to develop the fine motor skills to eat with cutlery and the social skills to stay seated during mealtimes.  Meal-times are about more than just the food. They are an opportunity for children to have social time and develop language, self-help and hygiene skills.