As your child’s first day at Playbright Rosebery approaches, you and your child may be filled with mixed emotions. Your feelings are perfectly normal as most new families experience this. We understand that the settling in period is different for every child, and are here to support you through this and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Some children take to new environments extremely well while others may be a little worried or nervous.  There are a few things you can do to make the settling in period as stress-free as possible and prepare your child for their first day at Playbright Rosebery.

  • Talk about us. Tell your child about the new activities, new friends, and new toys. Let them know their new teachers names etc.
  • As we have an ‘Open Door Policy’ so feel free to drop in with your child and visit the centre for short periods before the actual starting date.
  • Drive past the centre on the weekends – show daddy, grandma etc. your child’s “new school”.
  • Buy a bag and label it – let your child help to pack it, teach them to recognise their “own” bag and belongings
  • Label all clothing and shoes (this helps both the staff and your child).

On your first day:

  • If possible, make your child’s first day at the centre shorter than usual to ensure a gentle and happy transition.
  • Bring your child into the appropriate classroom. A staff member from that room will welcome you and introduce you to the other staff and children.
  • Allow your child some time to stand and watch. They may not feel ready to join in straight away and will need to do so in their own time
  • Make sure that your child’s security blanket/special toy is packed in their bag and clearly labelled if needed.
  • When you feel ready to say goodbye to your child give your child a big hug and kiss and tell them that you need to go now and that you will be back later to pick them up – then go.

Your child’s wellbeing is our main concern and our staff are very sympathetic to a child’s distress. We are patient, supportive and caring and understand that they will need time to adjust and feel confident in this new environment. Providing distractions, nurturing your child, engaging them in interest based activities and comforting them are all ways that we can help.